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Ecommerce Fulfillment and Custom Packaging

Spend your time growing your business,

let us handle fulfillment and logistics

World class customer service

99.97% Order fulfillment accuracy

24-7 access to inventory & order data

Increase Profits

Our software helps to optimize storage space, increase picking efficiency and reduce shipping costs. Your order data and inventory are accessible to you 24-7 allowing you manage your business and maximize profits.

Easy Integrations with Ecommerce Platforms

Manually entering orders is a thing of the past. We can easily integrate with your Shopping Carts so orders import in real time. This is the key to quickly getting your product into the hands of satisfied customers

Project Managers to Guide, Care & Protect

We recognize the value in providing customers with a single source packaging solution. Experience based, cost effective, total project management has been key to our growth.

We understand order fulfillment can be overwhelming

Cobalt makes the process stress free so you can focus on customer satisfaction,
growing sales and increasing profits.

Experience and capabilities that help you grow

Ecommerce Fulfillment

Shoppers have grown to expect a lot when they make online purchases, which is why your fulfillment partner must be efficient and accurate. Our software integrates with shopping carts while managing inventory, orders and shipping. Orders are sorted prior to picking and every item is scanned before it is packed. And the best part is, you can easily access all of this data through our customer portal. 

Retail Fulfillment

Selling your product in a retail environment can be a game changer. It’s exciting and daunting all at once.  Cobalt Project Managers are here to guide, care and protect you in every step of the process! We make it our business to understand retailer requirements, can integrate our software with B2B platforms to receive orders automatically and develop shipping strategies to reduce costs.  All of this helps us to execute accurately to ensure your success in store. 

Shipping Accuracy

Once integration is complete, orders flow seamlessly into our order management system.  Items are picked and packed to your exact specifications. We work to help develop packaging that protects the safety and quality of your products until they reach your customer. Orders are packed and shipped same day using state-of-the-art technology that ensures the accuracy of every pick. And, you can save money on shipping costs by taking advantage of our discounted shipping rates. 

Intelligent Storage

Temperature and storage locations are optimized through the use of computer aided intelligence.  Suggested put-aways are made during the receiving process so that like products stay together for efficient picking and space optimization.  This ultimately saves us time and space and the best part is, that saves you money. 

Custom Packaging

Our company was founded before Ecommerce really ramped up. We have a solid history of designing, producing and shipping promotions for large consumer goods companies. Direct mail programs, retail packaging, displays, subscription boxes.  Whether it’s the design of your retail packaging, the development of a single shipper, configuring a case pack for a retailer or specifying a pallet pattern, we can help. Our experience in printing and packaging makes us a valuable asset to your team.  

Customer Support

Despite all of the amazing technology that drives business today, sometimes you JUST NEED TO SPEAK TO A REAL PERSON! We get it. Whether you have a simple question, need to develop new packaging for an upcoming promotion or want to share your excitement about a new retailer you just landed – give us a call. Cobalt Project managers are an extension of your business and are here to help!

Let us help you free up some time!

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